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Eric Wiegardt Quotes

Quotes by Eric Wiegardt - (8 quotes)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Colour category:

The mind is excited by what painters refer to as 'broken color', the juxtaposition of two or more colors in a single passage. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Design category:

If the design is sound, and the values are correct, almost any colors within reason will work. Beautiful color harmonies, on the other hand, will not save a painting whose design and values are poorly considered. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Flexibility category:

If I can get the big shapes manipulated into a strong pattern, there is tremendous flexibility in interpreting the details. This flexibility allows me to paint intuitively and emotionally... (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Individuality category:

Flirt with possible failure or the disappointment of others for the chance to enjoy a success that is entirely your own. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Painting category:

All painters borrow from nature and draw from within. They differ only in the degree to which they depend on one or the other. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Sleep category:

You'll be amazed how much better your paintings look after you've had a good night's sleep. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Standards category:

If you are not honest about your level of ability, you may work a painting to death in the attempt to achieve a standard of excellence that you are not yet capable of realizing. This is true for all of us... don't sabotage your efforts... celebrate the courage and perseverance each painting represents. (Eric Wiegardt)

Eric Wiegardt - From the Values category:

Problems with color are almost never problems with color. They are almost always problems with value. (Eric Wiegardt)