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Marsden Hartley Quotes

Quotes by Marsden Hartley - (22 quotes)

Marsden Hartley - From the Abstraction category:

My work has the abstraction underneath it all now and what I deliberately set out to do down here, for this is the perfect realistic abstraction in landscape. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Affirmation category:

I don't want to escape via intellectual ruses - I want affirmations via passionate embraces and you can't have life unless you live it. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Artists category:

- in a letter to his sister at the end of his life...
I am not a 'book of the month' artist, and I do not paint pretty pictures; but when I am no longer here my name will register forever in the history of American art. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Colour category:

-on Paul Cezanne...
Has anyone ever placed this color more reasonable with more of a sense of time and measure than he? (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Colour category:

I have come to the conclusion that it is better to have two colors in right relation to each other than to have a vast confusion of emotional exuberance. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Confession category:

As soon as a real artist finds out what art is, the more is he likely to feel the need of keeping silent about it, and about himself in connection with it. There is almost, these days, a kind of petit scandale in the thought of allying oneself with anything of a professional nature. And it is at this point that I shrink a little from asserting myself with regard to professional aspects of art. And here the quality of confession must break through. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Expression category:

Expression is for one knowing its own pivot. Every expressor relates solely to himself - that is the concern of the individualist. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Imagination category:

I have always said that you do not see a thing until you look away from it. In other words, an object or a fact in nature has not become itself until it has been projected in the realm of the imagination. Therefore what has been retained in the mind's eye is what lives... and that becomes the truism of the creative artist. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Individuality category:

The essential of a real picture is that the things which occur in it occur to him in his peculiarly personal fashion... (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Influence category:

What I have to express is not handled with words. It must 'come' to the observer. It must carry its influence over the mind of the individual into that region of him which is more than the mind. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Life category:

I harp always on the 'idea' of life as I dwell perpetually on the existence of the moment. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Modernism category:

The idea of modernity is but a new attachment of things universal - a fresh relationship to the courses of the sun and to the living swing of the earth - a new fire of affection for the living essence present everywhere. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Nature category:

I have achieved the 'sacred' pilgrimage to Ktaadn MT - exceeding all my expectations so far that I am sort of helpless with words. I feel as if I have seen God for the first time, and find him so nonchalantly solemn. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Patriotism category:

The virtue of Yankee upbringing, spiritually speaking, is of more downright value to me than any past heritages. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Religion category:

By getting as close to the true idea of religion, of spirituality as it is possible for us to get... we would be in possession of the only tangible relationship to the deity in things. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Renewal category:

I see the possibility of being 'made new' again and the gift of rebirth is all that lets anyone really live... The great secret... is to never get stuck, imprisoned in common social patterns. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Seeing category:

It is never difficult to see images - when the principle of the image is embedded in the soul. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Simplicity category:

A reaction, to be pleasant, must be simple. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Solitude category:

It is the incongruous thing in my entire life, this isolation... My work requires it - but I myself have no need or use for it - Perhaps once on a time I found isolation imperative - I think all chrysalides do - all embryos go for the underside of the leaf in the time of body-change preparing for the final reassertion - resurrection - the establishment of the entity. But now I've come up to the outside of my casements. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Strength category:

My work is getting stronger and stronger and more intense all the time... I have such a rush of new energy and notions coming into my head, over my horizon like chariots of fire that all I want is freedom to step aside and execute them. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Symbols category:

All things that are living are expression and therefore part of the inherent symbology of life. Art, therefore, that is encumbered with excessive symbolism is extraneous, and from my point of view, useless art. Anyone who understands life needs no handbook of poetry or philosophy to tell him what it is. (Marsden Hartley)

Marsden Hartley - From the Vision category:

My work embodies little visions of the great intangible... Some will say he's gone mad - others will look and say he's looked in at the lattices of Heaven and come back with the madness of splendor on him. (Marsden Hartley)