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Gail Boyle Quotes

Quotes by Gail Boyle - (5 quotes)

Gail Boyle - From the Colour category:

If you use colour carefully, that is, placing a softer 'off' colour next to pure colour, it helps add the magic touch to your work - and that special look. (Gail Boyle)

Gail Boyle - From the Complementaries category:

If you want a specific colour to really stand out, put its complementary colour down first. (Gail Boyle)

Gail Boyle - From the Contrasts category:

It is the contrast of thinly applied darks sitting next to impasto lights that gives the effect of transparency and bouncing light. (Gail Boyle)

Gail Boyle - From the Light category:

When light hits opaque pastel it bounces back immediately, creating a wonderful vibration. (Gail Boyle)

Gail Boyle - From the Pastels category:

With pastels you don't need gimmicks and are only limited by your imagination. If something doesn't work for you... simply rub/scrub the offending area right back to the paper colour and build it up again. (Gail Boyle)