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W. P. Weston Quotes

Quotes by W. P. Weston - (4 quotes)

W. P. Weston - From the Character category:

I like the trees that have had a struggle... they're like people who have had to fight to live; they've developed character. (W. P. Weston)

W. P. Weston - From the Colour category:

It's strange, I've seen colours at times that when I've gone back to check on them, they've vanished... (W. P. Weston)

W. P. Weston - From the Commerce category:

Fortunately, I had the teaching in the schools... to keep me, and I painted as I wished. Otherwise I'd have had to paint what the people wanted. (W. P. Weston)

W. P. Weston - From the Practice category:

You've got to put in a certain amount of time... otherwise you're just taking snapshots for the camera. (W. P. Weston)