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Aleta Pippin Quotes

Quotes by Aleta Pippin - (5 quotes)

Aleta Pippin - From the Chaos category:

My goal is to communicate the organization and beauty that exists in our universe underneath the appearance of random chaos. (Aleta Pippin)

Aleta Pippin - From the Criticism category:

Ask yourself, 'Am I going to stop painting because of someone else's opinion?' If you love what you're doing, nothing should be able to stop you. (Aleta Pippin)

Aleta Pippin - From the Flow category:

'Being in the flow' is definitely worth striving for. I know when I'm there. I'm tapped into something that is far beyond my ability. (Aleta Pippin)

Aleta Pippin - From the Immortality category:

When I'm in my studio and tapped in, I'm on fire and creating something out of nothing, something that will live on long after I've dropped my physical body. (Aleta Pippin)

Aleta Pippin - From the Space category:

You can view what's on the surface of the painting or you can look deeper into space to view other worlds. (Aleta Pippin)