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Jeff Koons Quotes

Quotes by Jeff Koons - (22 quotes)

Jeff Koons - From the Art category:

Art is a humanitarian act. Art should be able to effect mankind, to make the world a better place. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Artists category:

I try to be a truthful artist and show a level of courage. I enjoy that. I'm a messenger. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Business category:

The media, the galleries, the collectors – it's all very chaotic actually. The artworld doesn't have this defined corporate structure that people imagine. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Children category:

I know how art has come in and really changed my life, so to give these children that opportunity just to come into contact with art - that's wonderful. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Collaboration category:

I'm basically the idea person. I'm not physically involved in the production. I don't have the necessary abilities, so I go to the top people. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Commerce category:

I believe in advertisement and media completely. My art and my personal life are based in it. The art world would probably be a tremendous reservoir for everybody involved in advertising. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Criticism category:

I thought I would call myself a pig before the viewer could, so they could only think more of me. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Dealers category:

I love the gallery, the arena of representation. It's a commercial world, and morality is based generally around economics, and that's taking place in the art gallery. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Ego category:

Nothing can touch me now – I'm Jeff Koons and my art can defend me! (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Health category:

My work is a support system for people to feel good about themselves. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Insecurity category:

The first thing that any good artist has to develop is a sense of independence from the artworld. What really destroys a young artist is insecurity, the fear that everything could be taken away at any moment. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Meaning category:

My art gets across the point that I'm in this morality theater trying to help the underdog, and I'm speaking socially here, showing concern and making psychological and philosophical statements for the underdog. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Money category:

Anything you can do to protect the public and allow it to have the confidence that our financial controls are good is very, very positive. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Morality category:

As morality seems to have supplanted civilization, I move on to the spiritual. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Nudes category:

I would prefer a normal-sized breast, or a small breast or whatever, and that it be natural, than to understand that it was just some jelly in there. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Problems category:

We waited too long to resolve this... Negotiations went sideways, and then up and down. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Production category:

It's about the production of the work. I need my workers to stay focused. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Profession category:

I was always an artist. I was a broker to earn a living, but I was always thinking about my art. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Recognition category:

I'm making some of the greatest art being made now. It'll take the art world ten years to get around to it. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Spectator category:

I try to create work that doesn't make viewers feel they're being spoken down to, so they feel open participation. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Thinking category:

I think about my work every minute of the day. (Jeff Koons)

Jeff Koons - From the Timeliness category:

The moment we live in is a great time to make art. We have different technologies to play with, and we're left with the opportunity to focus on our work. (Jeff Koons)